Questioning New Zealand’s Lockdown Strategy

During a Covid Plan B webinar, Dr. Alison Goodwin raises a number of questions about New Zealand’s main stream media coverage of Covid-19. As well as questioning Jacinda Ardern’s choice of endless lockdowns as a preferred response when community transmission cases are identified.

Here is breakdown of the questions she asked and points she made.

“When we are making such momentous decisions that effect the whole country we should be actually hearing from a broad range of doctors… who have actually seen Covid patients, the sick ones, the mildly unwell ones… The pediatricians, it would be nice to hear from the workers in the rest homes.”

“I’ve attended Ashley Bloomfield’s GP webinar to ask questions.”

“What the effect of lockdowns are on an elderly person? We haven’t actually asked the elderly if they want to be locked down like this, or is seeing your grand kids more important?”

“Who is actually counting the cost of the lockdown?

The cost of not being able to see a dying relative,
the cost of not being present for the birth of your baby,
the cost of losing your business,
the cost of unemployment.”

“I haven’t had a sensible straight answer”

“There has been no alternatives on the table… It’s been we are locking down until.. when?”

“We’re arrogant as a country to think we can keep the virus out… we are going to bankrupt the country doing it.”

*Supercut video of quotes above.

What do you think?

Are these responsible questions that the New Zealand Ministry of Health should be able to answer?

Source: Covid Plan B Webinar 23/11/2020

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